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There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond!  Ok, his real name is Zach Hickert and he is the latest superhuman to join i Dream Solutions! Zach has been a good friend for 30 years.  He’s creative and the ultimate people person.  Zach can speak with anyone and everyone.  You’ll feel like you have known […]

i Dream Solutions – 21 years and beyond!


2014 was a roller coaster of experiences for i Dream Solutions. A few highlights included i Dream Solutions 21st year in business, producing custom product launch kits for a childhood idol (Nintendo), and allowing Chillin Chubbleupagus in the office.  (He looks trustworthy, right?  Chillin Chubbleupagus) The icing on the 2014 cake was collaborating with all of you […]

What a Wonderful World


Working on a new custom presentation packaging project this morning while iTunes streams a song in the background. Out of nowhere I hear Louis Armstrong crooning “What a Wonderful World”. How in the world did Louis make his way into my iTunes collection? Keep in mind I am only 40. I decide to let the […]