There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond!  Ok, his real name is Zach Hickert and he is the latest superhuman to join i Dream Solutions!

Zach has been a good friend for 30 years.  He’s creative and the ultimate people person.  Zach can speak with anyone and everyone.  You’ll feel like you have known him for a lifetime after only 15 minutes.  It’s a gift.

Zach’s background is loaded with design knowledge…packaging designer, art director, and shoe designer.  Now he is taking his talents to i Dream Solutions and providing unforgettable custom marketing kits!

WHO are Zach’s perfect clients?

Advertising agencies, brand managers, and anyone in a marketing type role.  Are you a fit?  Please reach out as Zach would jump at the chance to collaborate!

WHAT does i Dream Solutions provide?

We specialize in creating and producing unforgettable custom marketing kits that help YOUR clients showcase what THEY do.

~  Marketing Kits (sales kits / product launch kits)
~  Promotional Packaging
~  Printed Binders
~  Pocket Folders
~  Imprinted Clothing and Wearables

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Golf Ball Event Invitation Mailers



Golf tournaments are big business!  Many of the spectators are next of kin to Thurston Howell.  (Gilligan’s Island…deep pockets…please get me some tea “Lovey”.)  The guest list for a golf tournament requires an invitation that stands out and grabs attention.  You just happen to be viewing the best golf event invitation mailer ever created!

Our golf tournament invitation mailer is custom made.  It’s a dimensional mailer with die-cut platform inside the base to present a golf ball.  You have the option to affix printed copy anywhere you choose.  Many clients provide details for the tournament or event on the inside lid.  The event invitation mailer can be mailed as-is which makes the impact even greater.   The response rate will blow you away!

We’ve produced this piece for hundreds of different companies including the PGA Tour.  It’s even been used as a save-the-date wedding invitation!  Here is a note we received from one of the brides.

“Hi Brady, Sent out the golf ball save-the-dates.  Cannot tell you how many people reacted with ‘coolest save the date EVER!’  Our friends and family loved them!  People keep talking about how excited they are to experience our day after receiving such a spectacular preview.  Thanks for helping us make our wedding stand out among all those during wedding season!  You rock!”


i Dream Solutions creates unforgettable custom packaging and marketing kits.

Reach out to the owner of i Dream Solutions, Brady Miller, and prepare to be blown away!

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Touchy feely custom marketing kits are awesome.


Custom marketing kits are awesome.
Everyone is bombarded by digital marketing messages these days. People receive and view marketing campaigns via email, social media, apps, videos, text messages, website pop-ups, and the like. Do digital marketing campaigns have their place? Yes. Is it insanely overused? Absolutely!

Marketing campaigns should be approached using a variety of methods. Digital for everything is not the answer. There are three main human senses when it comes to marketing: sight, hearing, and touch. Digital marketing only covers sight all the time and sometimes includes hearing. Touch isn’t even possible.

Why am I writing about this? Because creatives should change things up from project to project. Include tangible marketing campaigns that involve something people can “touch”. It’s easy for a company like mine to say this since I create custom marketing kits. I get it. The truth is that I have observed a monumental shift toward the all or nothing digital marketing voice over the past 20 years. Going all in with only one voice doesn’t work. Just ask Vanilla Ice!

Think about your marketing mix from a relationship standpoint. How long would things last if every interaction with your significant other involved watching a movie? What if the two of you listened to music every single time you were together? It might be fun at the start, but you will be bored as hell as time goes on! Want to get really crazy? Add “touch” to the equation. Feel the spark? Of course you did. It’s human nature. Everyone around the world is sensitive to touch. It’s personal. It’s truly interactive. It’s memorable.

i Dream Solutions is the best in the world at making touchy feely custom marketing kits. How are we the best? We created the touchy feely marketing space. Create it and they will come…or something like that.

i Dream Solutions is a valuable resource to creative directors, brand managers, and marketing teams looking to create custom marketing kits.

Reach out to the owner of i Dream Solutions, Brady Miller, and prepare to be blown away!


i Dream Solutions – 21 years and beyond!


2014 was a roller coaster of experiences for i Dream Solutions.

A few highlights included i Dream Solutions 21st year in business, producing custom product launch kits for a childhood idol (Nintendo), and allowing Chillin Chubbleupagus in the office.  (He looks trustworthy, right?  Chillin Chubbleupagus)

The icing on the 2014 cake was collaborating with all of you to create the most unique custom promotional packaging to date! The variety of creative packaging we created was extensive. Custom metal binders with laser engraving that were used for proposals. Custom two-piece red boxes with gold foil stamping to be used by a college prep school as welcome kits. Custom product launch kits with buttery soft lamination that provided a tactile feel similar to the iPhone box. The list goes on and on.

Can’t wait to see the custom packaging in the future. It’s showtime for 2015 and beyond!

Buckle up and join the ride.

The Crew

i Dream Solutions




Custom Packaging for Holiday Promotions


Buck Greetings holiday kit

Have you ever received a gift where the packaging was nicer than the gift inside? Chances are you have, and chances are even greater that if you did, the custom packaging was produced by i Dream Solutions. (At least that is our hope.)

We pride ourselves on producing custom promotional packaging for our customer’s self promotion efforts. Let’s face it. The self promotions are the ones that really count. A holiday gift, perhaps more than any other promotional effort, must truly make the recipient feel special. You are thanking them, after all, right?

Looking for YOUR holiday promotion to be truly memorable? Contact i Dream Solutions. Our gift to you will be amazing service and innovative ideas that make a lasting impression!

Custom Promotional Packaging

Custom promotional packaging

Custom promotional packaging  Custom promotional packaging


Metal Binders, USA, Recycled: What do they have in common?


Our metal presentation packaging is custom made in the USA using recycled aluminum! Custom metal binders, custom metal slipcases, custom metal briefcases, and the list goes on. Metal makes a huge impact when used for a custom marketing kit, proposal, presentation, or product launch. Laser engrave, emboss, die-cut, or screen print your logo.

Metal = style!

Made in the USA = rare!

100% Recyclable = eco-friendly!

Did you know aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials in the world? In fact, nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in use today.

Custom Metal Briefcases

Metal Binders

Custom Metal Binders

Custom Metal Binder

Custom Metal Binder and Slipcase

Metal bottle necker hang tag


What a Wonderful World


Working on a new custom presentation packaging project this morning while iTunes streams a song in the background. Out of nowhere I hear Louis Armstrong crooning “What a Wonderful World”. How in the world did Louis make his way into my iTunes collection? Keep in mind I am only 40. I decide to let the song run its course and end up even more inspired than usual. It IS a wonderful world!

This post isn’t going to educate anyone about some new revolutionary marketing concept. Nor will it scream about the mind numbing custom package designs our company creates. This one is short and sweet. Take a 2 minute break to listen and absorb the words.

“Yes I think to myself…what a wonderful world.”

louis-armstrong-big smiles


‘Made in America’ by i Dream Solutions


Made in America sure has a sweet ring to it.  What comes to mind when you hear it?  I think of quality, hard work, and Ray Zalinsky (Dan Aykroyd) from the movie Tommy Boy.  “I make car parts for the American working man, because that’s what I am. That’s who I care about.”  OK.  Ray is a slimeball, but the movie cracks me up.

Ray Zalinsky in Tommy Boy

My 7 year old son recently asked me why all his toys are Made in China.  How in the world do you explain that one to a child?  My son’s comment sparked my curiosity and resulted in this post.

This morning I looked at a few things on my desk to see where each was made.  Wireless mouse, paper clip holder, calculator, etc.  All were made in different Asian countries.  Unbelievable!  The lone standout was my Swingline stapler.  U.S.A. is emblazoned big and bold on that puppy!  Gotta love it.

The reality is that Made in America should make everyone giddy.  They are not just words.  Made in America is the foundation of our country.  Embrace it, live it, and act on it!  Buy products that are Made in America.  You not only support your neighbors and country – but end up with quality made products.

I happen to know of a company who provides custom marketing kits that are MADE IN AMERICA.  This one!

iDS logo


I Dream Solutions new website is alive!


We created our latest website to make YOUR life easier.  Custom marketing kits, custom product launch kits, custom sales kits, custom media kit packaging, custom press kit packaging, custom metal binders, and more.  Notice a theme?  Custom baby!!  Every project is made a’ la carte just for YOU! 

We are ready to help.  Just click to connect. 

Be sure to hang out with us on Facebook, too.

Beer and Spirits launch kits (group shot)