‘Made in America’ by i Dream Solutions


Made in America sure has a sweet ring to it.  What comes to mind when you hear it?  I think of quality, hard work, and Ray Zalinsky (Dan Aykroyd) from the movie Tommy Boy.  “I make car parts for the American working man, because that’s what I am. That’s who I care about.”  OK.  Ray is a slimeball, but the movie cracks me up.

Ray Zalinsky in Tommy Boy

My 7 year old son recently asked me why all his toys are Made in China.  How in the world do you explain that one to a child?  My son’s comment sparked my curiosity and resulted in this post.

This morning I looked at a few things on my desk to see where each was made.  Wireless mouse, paper clip holder, calculator, etc.  All were made in different Asian countries.  Unbelievable!  The lone standout was my Swingline stapler.  U.S.A. is emblazoned big and bold on that puppy!  Gotta love it.

The reality is that Made in America should make everyone giddy.  They are not just words.  Made in America is the foundation of our country.  Embrace it, live it, and act on it!  Buy products that are Made in America.  You not only support your neighbors and country – but end up with quality made products.

I happen to know of a company who provides custom marketing kits that are MADE IN AMERICA.  This one!

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