Touchy feely custom marketing kits are awesome.


Custom marketing kits are awesome.
Everyone is bombarded by digital marketing messages these days. People receive and view marketing campaigns via email, social media, apps, videos, text messages, website pop-ups, and the like. Do digital marketing campaigns have their place? Yes. Is it insanely overused? Absolutely!

Marketing campaigns should be approached using a variety of methods. Digital for everything is not the answer. There are three main human senses when it comes to marketing: sight, hearing, and touch. Digital marketing only covers sight all the time and sometimes includes hearing. Touch isn’t even possible.

Why am I writing about this? Because creatives should change things up from project to project. Include tangible marketing campaigns that involve something people can “touch”. It’s easy for a company like mine to say this since I create custom marketing kits. I get it. The truth is that I have observed a monumental shift toward the all or nothing digital marketing voice over the past 20 years. Going all in with only one voice doesn’t work. Just ask Vanilla Ice!

Think about your marketing mix from a relationship standpoint. How long would things last if every interaction with your significant other involved watching a movie? What if the two of you listened to music every single time you were together? It might be fun at the start, but you will be bored as hell as time goes on! Want to get really crazy? Add “touch” to the equation. Feel the spark? Of course you did. It’s human nature. Everyone around the world is sensitive to touch. It’s personal. It’s truly interactive. It’s memorable.

i Dream Solutions is the best in the world at making touchy feely custom marketing kits. How are we the best? We created the touchy feely marketing space. Create it and they will come…or something like that.

i Dream Solutions is a valuable resource to creative directors, brand managers, and marketing teams looking to create custom marketing kits.

Reach out to the owner of i Dream Solutions, Brady Miller, and prepare to be blown away!