There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond!  Ok, his real name is Zach Hickert and he is the latest superhuman to join i Dream Solutions!

Zach has been a good friend for 30 years.  He’s creative and the ultimate people person.  Zach can speak with anyone and everyone.  You’ll feel like you have known him for a lifetime after only 15 minutes.  It’s a gift.

Zach’s background is loaded with design knowledge…packaging designer, art director, and shoe designer.  Now he is taking his talents to i Dream Solutions and providing unforgettable custom marketing kits!

WHO are Zach’s perfect clients?

Advertising agencies, brand managers, and anyone in a marketing type role.  Are you a fit?  Please reach out as Zach would jump at the chance to collaborate!

WHAT does i Dream Solutions provide?

We specialize in creating and producing unforgettable custom marketing kits that help YOUR clients showcase what THEY do.

~  Marketing Kits (sales kits / product launch kits)
~  Promotional Packaging
~  Printed Binders
~  Pocket Folders
~  Imprinted Clothing and Wearables

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