i Dream Solutions – 21 years and beyond!


2014 was a roller coaster of experiences for i Dream Solutions.

A few highlights included i Dream Solutions 21st year in business, producing custom product launch kits for a childhood idol (Nintendo), and allowing Chillin Chubbleupagus in the office.  (He looks trustworthy, right?  Chillin Chubbleupagus)

The icing on the 2014 cake was collaborating with all of you to create the most unique custom promotional packaging to date! The variety of creative packaging we created was extensive. Custom metal binders with laser engraving that were used for proposals. Custom two-piece red boxes with gold foil stamping to be used by a college prep school as welcome kits. Custom product launch kits with buttery soft lamination that provided a tactile feel similar to the iPhone box. The list goes on and on.

Can’t wait to see the custom packaging in the future. It’s showtime for 2015 and beyond!

Buckle up and join the ride.

The Crew

i Dream Solutions