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Golf Ball Event Invitation Mailers


Golf tournaments are big business!  Many of the spectators are next of kin to Thurston Howell.  (Gilligan’s Island…deep pockets…please get me some tea “Lovey”.)  The guest list for a golf tournament requires an invitation that stands out and grabs attention.  You just happen to be viewing the best golf event invitation mailer ever created! Our […]

Touchy feely custom marketing kits are awesome.


Everyone is bombarded by digital marketing messages these days. People receive and view marketing campaigns via email, social media, apps, videos, text messages, website pop-ups, and the like. Do digital marketing campaigns have their place? Yes. Is it insanely overused? Absolutely! Marketing campaigns should be approached using a variety of methods. Digital for everything is […]

i Dream Solutions – 21 years and beyond!


2014 was a roller coaster of experiences for i Dream Solutions. A few highlights included i Dream Solutions 21st year in business, producing custom product launch kits for a childhood idol (Nintendo), and allowing Chillin Chubbleupagus in the office.  (He looks trustworthy, right?  Chillin Chubbleupagus) The icing on the 2014 cake was collaborating with all of you […]