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We make CUSTOM marketing materials you can touch.

Our best friends are advertising agencies and those in the marketing world.


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i Dream Solutions

i Dream Solutions – 21 years and beyond!

2014 was a roller coaster of experiences for i Dream Solutions. A few highlights included i Dream Solutions 21st year in business, producing custom product launch kits for a childhood idol (Nintendo), and allowing Chillin Chubbleupagus in the office.  (He looks trustworthy, right?  Chillin Chubbleupagus) The icing on the 2014 cake was collaborating with all of you […]

Holiday Promotion

Custom Packaging for Holiday Promotions

Have you ever received a gift where the packaging was nicer than the gift inside? Chances are you have, and chances are even greater that if you did, the packaging was produced by i Dream Solutions. (At least that is our hope.) We pride ourselves on producing unique custom packaging for our customer’s self promotion […]

Custom Metal Briefcase

Metal Binders, USA, Recycled: What do they have in common?

Our metal presentation products are custom made in the USA using recycled aluminum! Custom metal binders, custom metal slipcases, custom metal briefcases, and the list goes on. Metal makes a huge impact when used for a marketing proposal, presentation, or product launch. Laser engrave, emboss, die-cut, or screen print your logo. Metal = style! Made […]